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Department Nine

Department Nine I wrote for the 2007 Game Chef roleplaying game design contest. It’s a game about oracular spies fighting the future in an absurdist time travel Greek myth mashup. It’s weird and ridiculous and a bit hard to describe.

It’s a little like watching Minority Report, Back to the Future, The Office, Burn After Reading and Oedipus Rex all at once. Last time we played, we had a were-swan manager being blackmailed by his employee, who was channelling advanced technology (eventually, a doomsday device) back in time to Benjamin Franklin to ensure the Yanks won the Revolution. We had an illicit office romance involving going back in time to have megafauna safaris. We had glyptodon races interrupted by sabertoothed tigers and flying car police chases interrupted by monkeys flinging poo. We had a spy disguised as a pizza delivery guy get in a three way sex scene with a woman and her future self. Okay, so it’s not much like those movies, unless you throw them all in a blender on “high”.

The original Game Chef version worked moderately well, but never fired on all cylinders. This version has had some rules changed substantially, and works pretty well. Still not a totally finished project, but very playable, and hilariously fun when we tried it.

Department Nine Revision 0.3

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Bloody Forks LARP

Excited by Jason Morningstar‘s Bloody Forks of the Ohio, I decided to take the game and rework it into a live-action roleplaying game.

GM Info
Lieutenant Colonel George-Washington
French Margaret Montour
Half King Tanaghrisson
Ensign Joseph Coulon de Jumonville
Marie-Amable Prudhomme de Villiers
Shingas The Terrible
Major William Trent
Jacob Van Braam
Raspberry Girl
Torrence Swiney
Captain Pipe

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A World of Fire and Sand

While reading through old 2nd edition D&D stuff, I got so excited by the Dark Sun campaign setting‘s calendar that I wrote a totally different, weird hippy freeform game to play in Athas. It’s not in any particular way anything like playing Dark Sun using D&D.

It’s also completely unplaytested.

A World of Fire and Sand
Fire and Sand Cards

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I really like Ganakagok, by Bill White. So when I went to run the game, I made up my own set of the not-quite-Tarot cards that the game uses.

Ganakagok Cards

See also the Skeksis cards I made for a Dark Crystal inspired Ganakaok game.

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Yop, Kobold Battlemind

My current D&D character is a kobold who may or may not have a dragon living in his head.

Yop, Kobold Battlemind

Executive Decision

A game by Greg Stolze, I made some modifications when I went to run the game myself. Like giving everyone more info on their job and additional agendas to pursue.

The President of the United States
Secretary of the Treasury
Attorney General
Director of National Intelligence
White House Press Secretary
Secretary of Defense
Secretary of State
Vice President
Secretary of Homeland Security
Secretary of Labor
White House Counsel
Agendas 1
Agendas 2
Agendas 3
Agendas 4
Agendas 5
Reporters 2
Reporters 3
Reporters 4
Cavendish Memo

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House of Masks

House of Masks is a roleplaying game I wrote for the 2008 Game Chef roleplaying game design competition. It won the “Best Game” award. But I wouldn’t suggest playing this version. This is the original version of the game., which reads really nicely, but the playtest was not terribly successful. You should check out the current version of the game instead, as it seems to actually be playable.

Cards for the game:
Castor and Pollux
Thalia and Melpomene
Inanna and Kur

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. The art is all copyrighted by the fine artist Dale Horstman.

Providence Junction

A Western LARP I ran, featuring some hidden secrets in a small town.

Delilah Allen
Caleb Morner
Brother Artemis Cook
Blackjack Temperance Porter
Bedelia Derrick
Sister Fidelia Baum
Sheriff Roy Slade
Lulu KingsburyHannah Brownfield
Frank Barlow
Deputy Amos Winthrop
Amalia Baum

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Bloody Forks of the Ohio

Bloody Forks of the Ohio is Jason Morningstar‘s hack for John Harper‘s game Lady Blackbird. These are some character sheets I made with additional background and such, to facilitate running the game.

Colonel George Washington
Joseph Coulon de Jumonville
French Margaret Mountour
Jacob Van Braam
Captain Louis Coulon de Villiers
Marie-Amable Prudhomme de Villiers
Captain Pipe Hopocan
Half-King Tanacharison
William Trent
Gonzo French Margaret Montour
Gonzo Marie-Amable de Villiers

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Skeksis cards for Ganakagok

My friend Ross decided to run a game of Ganakagok, but with Skeksis from The Dark Crystal instead of Ganakagok’s regular eskimoes. To facilitate this game, I made up a separate deck of the Tarot cards used in the game.

Skeksis cards for Ganakagok

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