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Deathtrap Dungeon

Deathtrap Dungeon

A Parsely adventure, based off of Action Castle! and related games by Jared Sorensen.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. Parsely is © 2010 Jared A. Sorensen, used with permission.

Bank Robbery LARP

A LARP I ran about a bank robbery. It didn’t work quite right, though. So you’ll want to modify this stuff before you use it.

Walter Sojberg
Myra Shane
Eleanor Barnes

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Second String Superheroes

A Larp about incompetent superheroes.

How to Run This LARP
The Detachable Head
Change Maker
Cell Phone Guy
Power Broker
Cameraman / Camerawoman
Bjorn Yesterday

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Science Fiction Mystery

All the material for a science fiction LARP that I ran.

Flashes of Time
Rachel Gaumata
Dr. Koops Field Research Notes (written and copyright by Adam Davis)
Lieutenant Gordon
Hester Zao
Listing of Experiments Currently Conducted on the Station
Warrant Officer Manassah Rayburn
Shadrach Wheeler
Commander Sapor Wheeler-Nicholson
Dr. Asenath Arban
Dr. Judith Kashtaritu-Kennedy
Doctor Obedience Tenagon
Crew Manifest for Research station J-32
The Red Alien Intelligence
The Blue Alien Intelligence

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Longshot is a roleplaying game I wrote for the 2010 Game Chef roleplaying game design competition/event.

Longshot is a science fiction western game wherein you play settlers on humanity’s first interstellar colony, who discover that their colony will no longer receive supply shipments from Earth. And that their sheriff has been murdered. Chaos ensues, in a highly entertaining way.

You should also check out The Lost Colony, the expansion of the game that sets the action in the mysteriously failed 1587 Roanoke colony.

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Science Comics!

Science Comics!

A playset I made for the Fiasco roleplaying game by Jason Morningstar over at Bully Pulpit Games. The playset is heavily inspired by The Venture Brothers and other works in the “comedic superhero” genre.

Also check out the “Comics Code Approved” version, made so for a high school teacher that I know so that he could run it as a school sponsored activity. It has most of the R rated material taken out of it, to make it more school-friendly.

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I’m Nick, and I like games. Mainly tabletop roleplaying games, but also live action roleplaying (LARPs), video games, board games, etc. And I like stories, game design and a host of geeky things.

I like making games, particularly the roleplaying kind. This blog will be the repository for the weird half finished rpgs that I make. Along with anything else that I make that is of interest.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.