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Sufficiently Advanced Technologies

For Amber’s 30th birthday, we ran a larp inspired by Doctor Who. Amber played the Doctor stand-in. Much chaos ensued.

Sufficiently Advanced Technology Preliminary GM Notes
Device Cheat Sheet
Name Badges
item cards
Alan Smithee
Mr. Manciple
Dr. Kerensky
Dr. Kim Bread
General Lance Duggan
“David Agnew”
Tara Samms
Lt. Plinger
Lady Braxiatel
Possessed – Clockmaker
Possessed – Grubber

Smithee’s door
Kerensky’s door
Manciple’s door

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Forbidden Island

Forbidden Island

Made as a birthday present to my wife Amber, it’s a roleplaying game based off of the “Forbidden Island” boardgame by Matt Leacock.

You should go play Forbidden Island: it’s like Pandemic, but with a randomized board. And playable with my four year old.