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Shakespeare 2985

SHAKESPEARE 2985 is a game I wrote for Graham Walmsley’s Alternative Game Chef. It’s a science fiction espionage murder mystery do-it-yourself alternate reality game about interpreting poetry and failing thermal dampeners.

Yeah, I guess it’s a bit odd.

[InSpectres] The Second Chance

Soon hopefully, we’ll be playing Inspectres , specifically the InSpace mod that makes the game into a space opera science fiction mystery game.

Anyway, check out the character sheet I made for the ship the PCs will be on:
The Second Chance

Death Takes a Holiday

UPDATE: I made a major revision to the game, which replaces the core system with something else. You may want to check out that version in addition to/instead of this one.

Raw text hosted here, for your convenience.

The pretty version is over here because I can’t get it to upload to WordPress.