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[Doodles and Dragons] Bulette

[Doodles and Dragons] Bugbear

[Doodles and Dragons] Brownie

[Doodles and Dragons] Brown Dragon

[Doodles and Dragons] Bronze Dragons

[Doodles and Dragons] Broken Ones

[Game Chef 2012] Crash! / Lanterns of the Dead

Crash! / Lanterns of the Dead is a game that I made for the 2012 Game Chef RPG design competition thing.

Crash / Lanterns of the Dead is two game in one: a game about a crashed astronaut, and a game about an alien culture. The two culture (and the two games) inevitably collide in a way that will hopefully be interesting and fun.

[Doodles and Dragons] Brass Dragon

[Doodles and Dragons] Brain Mole

[Doodles and Dragons] Blue Dragon