[House of Masks] New playtest version

House of Masks 0.3 is the latest revision of my (award winning) 2008 Game Chef game. The idea with this one is that it is a series of cards to be read out loud as you play to explain the entire game. (The last few pages are the backs of the first few pages, and act as a FAQ/commentary track.)

I’ve been using a modified version of the Deck of Many Things for the tarot-like cards in my playtesting. That deck may change eventually over time, but for now it seems to work pretty well.

Here are the sheets for the player characters.

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  1. […] House of Masks is a roleplaying game I wrote for the 2008 Game Chef roleplaying game design competition. It won the “Best Game” award. But I wouldn’t suggest playing it. It reads really nicely, but the playtest was not terribly successful. This is the original version of the game. You should check out the current version of the game instead, as it seems to actually be playable. […]