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[Doodles and Dragons] Unicorn

Ghost Lines Dark

I really like the setting and idea of Ghost Lines, a minigame by john Harper. Except for the fact that it runs on the Apocalypse World engine. I really hate Apocalypse World. So I took .INDD files that Mr. Harper provided and hacked a new system for the game, based off of Cthulhu Dark by Graham Walmsley.

An afternoon of hacking gave me Ghost Lines Dark, largely because Messers Harper and Walmsley had already done all the hard work.

[Doodles and Dragons] Undead Beholder

[Doodles and Dragons] Umber Hulk

[Doodles and Dragons] Troll

[Doodles and Dragons] Troglodyte

Super Repo

Super Repo is a game I wrote very quickly so that we’d have something to play on Friday. It’s a comedic superhero game, wherein you play people with superpowers who chose to work a mundane job rather than fight crime. The PCs are all repo workers, taking back freeze rays and giant battle robots from heroes and villains who couldn’t make their loan payments.

We played it, and it was a whole lot of fun.

[Doodles and Dragons] Triton

[Doodles and Dragons] Tri Flower Frond

[Doodles and Dragons] Treant