[Game Chef] Afterlife, Incorporated

It’s Game Chef time again! You know, where people from around the globe take a limited amount of time and a list of ingredients to make the best rough draft of a game that they can.

This year, I didn’t expect to make a game. I was more excited by other projects. But then yesterday I had an epiphany and I wrote this:

Afterlife, Incorporated

So you died. Big deal. It wasn’t actually all that bad. You had a lot of sin on your soul, though. You were supposed to go straight to The Eternal Hell of Biting Fangs or the Hell of Crushing Stones or someplace. Somewhere that unspeakable monstrosities would rip your soul apart and feast on its dripping pieces for all eternity.

You managed to escape that fate. Instead you wound up here: Afterlife, Incorporated. You’re a white collar desk jockey, processing souls of the recently deceased. Technically, you’re supposed to help them pick out the best afterlife that they qualify for. But if you can guide them toward a cheaper afterlife than they deserve, then the excess soul energy flows back to the company. If you can save the company enough, then you just might be able to afford a trip up the Great Big Elevator to the Heaven of the Manifold Pleasures.

One day, everyone in the department received a memo from the Head Office. Any interference from Above is always bad news, but this memo was the worst. Receiving that memo is when everything began to fall apart.

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