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[Monthly Monster] The Unbroken Circle

unbroken circle-page001

The Unbroken Circle is a game I wrote about githzerai journeying across the endless planes seeking a new home for their people.

Sophie’s Pokemon Game!

This is a card based Pokemon RPG I made for my daughter’s birthday several years ago. At the time, I never got around to writing the actual rules down. Recently my kids remembered this game’s existence and became really excited by it, which was enough to convince me to rite up some extremely sketchy rules explanation. You can probably figure out how to play from what is given.



[Actual Play] Longshot

The Liberation Industries podcast did a series of Actual Play recordings of Longshot, my 2010 Game Chef entry. The game seems to still hold up pretty well, and I enjoyed hearing how their game went.

You can hear the recordings here:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3