[Monthly Monster] It’s Hard to be a Flumph

It's Hard to Be a Flumph

It’s Hard to Be a Flumph is a little hand-drawn game I made about how difficult it is to be a flying psychic jellyfish thing. For decades, they have been treated as pitiful jokes, but these noble creatures only want to fight for justice and law. But no one in town will take them seriously, because they kind of look funny.

Plaintext version available here if you can’t read my handwriting.

[Monthly Monster] 2 scenarios for Nameless Horror


For October, I decided to make two short horror scenarios. The pair of scenarios were written specifically for my old nameless horror game but I am sure that any competent GM could turn them into a Dread or Cthulhu Dark game without any trouble a all.

The scenarios are inspired by two D&D monsters, the night hag and the hound of ill omen. So I’m counting them as my monthly monster game attempt.

More podcast APs

Three more podcasts played games I made. I don’t listen to many actual play podcasts. But when I do, they’re always APs of games I wrote.

The Bored Ghost podcast once again played my unreleased game Rusałka. Once again, I am pleased by the way it creates perfect little fairy tales that are wondrous, strange, creepy and sad. The Bored Ghost team did a great job, both playing the game and with their post-production effects adding to the listening experience. https://www.boredghost.com/episode-131-salt-air-pt1-rusalka/

The Rag Nerd Rok podcast played The Devil, John Moulton: http://ragnerdrok.com/2018/10/10/the-devil-john-moulton-dinner-with-the-devil/

And there is apparently a podcast devoted to playing 200 word RPGs and other nanogames, the Pocket System Podcast. And they played LOVEINT: http://pocketsystem.blogspot.com/2018/10/pocket-system-podcast-03-loveint.html

I enjoyed listening to them all.

[Monthly Monster] A Day at the Beach

a day at the beach a roleplaying game by nick wedig

For September’s monster game, I made A Day at the Beach, a fairly silly game where players collectively control an algoid, a collection of sentient moss formed into a roughly human shape. You’re trying to hide your swamp plant nature, so you’re taken on a human disguise. And to maintain your disguise, you’ve found yourself pressured into going to the beach with some acquaintances. This will threaten to expose you at every turn.

(Cover image provided by Paul Czege as part of his #DoeJayChallenge.)

Devil John Moulton works his way into some other game

This isn’t exactly Actual Play, but it demonstrates the game is being read, shared and played. A fanmade (?) supplement for some weird west boardgame includes John Moulton as an encounter. I don’t know how that happened, but I find it interesting.

[Actual Play] The Devil John on Roleplaying Public Radio

Roleplaying Public Radio podcast played my game The Devil John Moulton, and had an interesting story about a resort for decadent warlocks. Listen to the episode here.

Rusałka on Bored Ghost podcast

The Bored Ghost podcast played a game of my still unreleased game Rusałka. You can listen to the first half of their session here.

Unfortunately, the audio files for the second half of the game were lost to technological problems. But the first half of the session gives you a good idea how the game works in play.

[Actual Play Report] Fortune Cookies and Nuclear War

The people at Bad Habit Press made a YouTube review of my free nanogame Fortune Cookies and Nuclear War.

They call me “disturbingly creative”, which I like.

[Monthly Monster] The Lands Within the Wind


The Lands Within the Wind is a game I made about faerie lords, exiled from the fey realm and forcd to wander the desert as confused, violent nightmare creatures. If you can slaughter enough creatures in the sand wastes, you may be able to restore yourselves to your rightful place of power.

I made this as part of my ongoing effort to make a game a month about a D&D monster. It also is made following the rules of Game Chef 2018, even though I have no intention of entering it into the contest portion of the event.

LWtW Dice Results
LWtW Additional Sheets

[Monthly Monster] Saurials of the Two Worlds


This was originally supposed to be June’s monthly monster game, but it got away from me. Anyway, Saurials of the Two Worlds is a game about anthropomorphic dinosaur people trying to build a new life in an unfamiliar land.

It turned out to be more effective in play than I had expected. The inter-relationship between the poker hand endgame mechanics and the Tarot card interpretation led to some interesting gameplay in unexpected ways.